Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The Yorktown

This is the Yorktown Dollhouse by Robin Carey. You absolutely must hear the story behind the creation of this Yorktown house! Since Robin is a much better story-teller than I am, let me quote her on this:

I have to tell you the story of the Yorktown house. I saw this half started wood shell on eBay, and I didn't even know what the house was supposed to look like, but I felt so compelled to have it. It was listed as pick up only in Ohio! I have never done this before, but I emailed the man and asked him if he would consider shipping it. He said he would, so I bought it for only $10.00, but paid $100.00 to have it shipped. He had told me that he and his grandfather had found it while cleaning out an attic. His grandmother had started it but never finished it.I asked her name, and was told Beulah Caplinger. I wrote it on a piece of paper and posted it on the wall in my work room. When the box arrived, all the parts were there to complete it. Unfortunately she had nailed in some walls the wrong direction, and probably just got discouraged. I had to knock it back down to the foundation and start it all over.

As I was working on it, I kept telling Beulah, that I hoped she was pleased! Silly, but I felt some connection to this woman, and that I was supposed to finish this house. So I refer to it as the Beulah Caplinger Yorktown! I know I have made it for someone, as I never gave a thought to keeping it. So when The person who is supposed to have it is ready, my little voice will tell me to list it on ebay. It always works that way. I always try to listen to the universe and go with the flow. How fun! I will keep you in the loop as I start more houses.



Anonymous said...

I've been browsing your site(s) and I've fallen in love. I could never resist all things miniature but seeing it all "in motion" and in place is wonderful to behold.

I'm inspired and dreamy-eyed.

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

I have spent my Sunday afternoon admiring all of the dollhouses that you have created. You are beyond talented and have a wonderful eye. Everything is perfect and absolutely beautiful. Thank your friend for sharing with the world.

Jacqueline Long said...

I got this dollhouse kit when I was 10 years old and never put it together. I'm now 45. We've been cleaning our my parents house as my Mom passed away last summer. Finally today we found the kit!!! I can't wait to get started in it. Honestly, I couldn't even remember what it looked like so I Googled it and found your blog. Thank you for sharing and inspiring me! -Jackie