Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Garden Town House

After two very large Key West houses, I needed a break for just a small and very fun project, before my next Key West and Tudor houses. I just finished this Town House that my Mother envisions as being a Courtesan’s house located not far from the business district of Paris.

The black fence is a strong contrast to the soft white of the house, and balances out the black of the window filigree work. The balcony pieces are metal that I cut and curved to size. They were painted and dry brushed. Although I kept the same basic pink pallet for the flowers, I made it much stronger to stand out against the fence.

The interior color pallet is light and fun. A full range of pastels in the pink tones and soft greens. The Laser cut wood stairs and railings from Captain Sawdust are painted a soft creamy white. The detailing and texture of these additions reflects the already busy and exciting expressions in play through the wallpapers and paper cut outs. This design is a layering of soft tones, textures and busy patterns. I think mostly white furniture in this house would be beautiful. I cut apart a chandelier and re worked the materials to create a small one for the stairway and then two matching wall sconces for the fireplace.


by Sonya Rotella said...

Fantastic house!Very chic!
But where is the kitchen? :-))

Maria Jose said...

Wonderful !!!

contar said...

Es una belleza viendo estas cosas nunca me animare a enseƱar la que yo estoy decorando.
un abrazo

It is a beauty never seeing these things I will encourage to teach to me the one that I am decorating.
An embrace

Atrus el mistico said...

Mis ojos se quedan pasmados en esta pagina sin poder avanzar... beautiful, beautiful, beautiful...

adela-berzitas said...

¡Es una preciosidad!, enhorabuena