Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Countryside Tudor

This house was adapted from a vintage Dura Craft Tudor kit. This is a nice large house with big rooms for decorating. I changed the profile to feature a front chimney, replaced windows, added windows, and added a second side door. I also lengthened the back roof space, and changed the interior room layouts.

I had a lot of fun playing with the different brick patterns, and balancing stucco, brick and beam areas. The house being so large needed stronger brick placements to give it a more grounded look. Keeping the proportions of the large walls, yet toning down the space to make the house feel inviting and cozy was a challenge.

The garden is done with a pallet of blues and coral/peach, and then I added the golden sunflowers for a punch of yellow to brighten it all up. The rustic cut log fence is open and airy, yet the wood tones act as an extension of the wood beam trim from the house, out to the garden.

The natural textures used on the roof shingles and on the bricks give the house a wonderful earthy and rustic feeling. The stucco also adds another layer of texture as your eyes take in the complete visual of the mixed medias.

The loft with ladder piece is not attached and also fits on the other side of the same wall, so it could be used in either room. It also will fit underneath the staircase in the bottom room. I love being able to change things up and this loft with ladder piece, being a movable piece can inspire many different display ideas and uses for the rooms.


contar said...

es preciosa toda una joya.

is precious a jewel.

TINK-SONIA said...

So beautiful, I love your work!!!!!

Margaret said...

Wow, I love this house.

sara marina said...

I love your flowers! I just bought an Aster Cottage kit and I can't wait to start to build it! Thanks for sharing.