Monday, November 19, 2018

Farmhouse Stone Manor Dollhouse

 The Farmhouse Stone Manor project was inspired by the new modern farm decorating trend.
The large portion house is hand stenciled. I used a pre mixed sanded grout, and then when it dried highlighted it with sponge painting in three tones.
 The smaller part of the house has a vertical siding look. The roof is very rustic and earthy. I painted and cut apart sheets of formed barrel tile roof and applied them with a gray compound. then the roof was white washed in gray, so just highlights of the terra cotta show.
 The lattice gable piece on the front porch was custom made.

Bricks Bricks Bricks!
 For this house I made more bricks than ever before. Trays and trays. Each brick was hand painted, cut and  applied. the bricks are in three tones with two different highlight colors.
 These two dormer windows have the yellow blooming vines stained glass windows.

 Cascading over the front porch is a super lovely climbing rose bush with both pink and white roses handmade in Thailand.
 The whole outside of the chimney has the bricks as well as the first few inches going up house.

 The house design has a fun staircase design with one going up from the small portion of the house, with a door leading into the other part of the house.
 The two story brick fireplace was custom made for this house. I love the view of the front of it through the side door.

 This pic shows the three ceilings that have  beams with  patterned brick inserts.  Each room of this house has some special custom feature.

 Another miniature show find that got used , was the yummy walnut wood piece of chair rail that was a perfect fit in the upstairs loft room.

This house was a super fun project and I got to try a few things I had never done before.


Drora's minimundo said...

A stunning house! I love it inside out and I love the plants and flowers decorating it outdoors. A completely different style from your other lovely houses but even more beautiful. Fantastic work!

ann said...

The house is wonderful. I am so glad to see that you build another one. I look at your houses all of the time to see how you do things to get ideas and inspiration. And drool a bit, too. Thanks you for sharing your latest creation.

Troy said...

The farmhouse turned out great - its very inspiring. I love how you have blended two buildings into one. The house almost tells a story by itself! If you have not yet, can you share your technique for making the stone and brick ?
Great photos and a great post.