Tuesday, November 21, 2017

The Willowcrest Manor Dollhouse

This is the Willowcrest Manor Dollhouse. The project was started using a Greenleaf Willowcrest . The original kit has a friendly footprint and architectural details that lend themselves well to the cherub theme and overall feeling I wanted for the house.

The windows frames are embellished with pairs of cherubs and flowers. A single cherub adorns the peak of the front fa├žade.

A focal point of the house is the lovely Romeo and Juliet balcony on the third floor . All the windows have ornate In a hammered finish. The other main point of interest is the amazing front door. The door is solid wood that was laser carved in an ornate pattern to scale. It was artisan made.

Let's take a look inside.

The interior color pallet is variations of golds and rose tones. Warm rich colors are used in the wallpapers, floors and ceilings.

Turning staircases always add a lot of drama , and offer lots of decorating opportunities.

The double French doors between the main entrance room and front room have full color floral stained glass window films.

The double entrance into the front room has a laser cut room divider, and is stained in warm English Chestnut .

The bay window has 4 matching staind glass window films that compliment the grapes in the wallpaper.

Let's look upstairs...

The side window has two Belcher style stained glass window films that work nicely with the toile wallpaper.

Up to the third floor...

This large room is full of possibilities. The bay window was made into a seat and the stronger rose tone color was used in the fabric to balance the lighter colors of the floor and walls.
Let's go back outside and see the flowers and the last details of the exterior.

The flowers custom selected for this house , are crisp white roses and filler flowers, lavenders and purples, and soft pink hand made hydrangeas. Also added to the landscape is a willow tree to match the name "Willowcrest "of the house.

The window boxes follow the same color scheme , however use different flower selections.

The fence and railings were done in gloss black. That stronger color choice was a good balance to the lighter and softer tones of the house.

Two matching cherb planters were made for each side of the stair entrance.

The mansard roof has a top railing, and two double chimmnies. The house has many fun features, and details, so we will finish with that. Enjoy!

Saturday, December 3, 2016

The Peacock Cottage Dollhouse

 This is the little Peacock Cottage Dollhouse
  It is a rustic quirky cottage with a bird and Peacock theme. It features three stained glass windows with peacocks, and all the wallpapers have a bird theme. The stained glass window films are usually on my ebay page or can be purchased on Etsy at https://www.etsy.com/shop/MiniatureWindows 

 The front door has a Peacock with full open tail, and the two front windows have a pair of right and left facing stlye. With all the rectangular pattern in the brickwork, the house really needed a direction balance piece, and doing the steps in the half circle shape worked well to achieve this.

The chimney is stucco and real stones. 

The exterior of the cottage is mostly hand done brick look done in a combination of three tones. Just for fun the bricks are done in a variety of different patterns, giving the cottage unique personality.

 There are two very lush flowerbed fence sections. The colors are creams, soft pinks, lavender, French blue, raspberry, and lilac tones.

 Both front corners of the house have creeping vines hugging the brick in two colors of pinks.

Of course Peacock Cottage needs a Peacock and this one does.

 The top window opens out to enjoy a soft breeze, and to easily be able to water the lovely window box in full bloom. The roof shingles are rustic and tinted in a shaded gray.

 Let's take a look inside

 The addition room has a fun wall treatment of wallpaper cut in strips and applied to rustic wood panels.

The focal point of the main room is the floor to ceiling large brick fireplace. Along with the tonal bricks are pattern tile look in two matching styles. One on the surround, the other on the inside.

So this was a fun little cottage, tweaking  all the colors to be rustic and soft yet pull in Peacock tones. A deep teal is an accent color as well as a chocolate umber brown. Softening the solid feeling of all the brick with finding the right flower shapes and colors was a challenge.  so, on to the next project……...