Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Francais Chalet Champagne en Pierre

The French Countryside Stone cottage Dollhouse

This is the lovely Stone Cottage dollhouse with a working waterwheel. It is a French Countryside theme. Although it is quite rustic, I like to think of it as " elevated country", in that it is also elegant. This combination of country style and French chic creates a wonderful design and imaginative pallet for decorating possibilities.

 The exterior is a custom tinted stone finish using three different colors that were floated in emulsion, and then stipple brushed to blend. Eleven sizes of stone pattern were cut and then individually applied. With the paint trim and shutters, a total of five different paint colors were used on the exterior to give the subtle yet exciting look.

 The cedar shingles were first painted in a rosy terra cotta, and then lightly stained in a honey color stain. This gave them extra dimension, and the cedar wood texture picks up just the right amount of light.
The large railing on the roof line as well as the two small railing pieces at the front entrance and panel in the Dutch door, are finished in a hammered metal tone. Using this color instead of black kept the soft quiet pallet of the house.

 On the side of the house are half clay pots with espalier type plantings. They are just in the bud stage, with deep lavender hints of color.

 The window boxes also follow the " elevated country" look. They are combinations of thriving wild flowers, vines, and garden flowers.

 The tones are all warm and inviting with a very open and spacious first floor kitchen and living area.The Dutch style front door can be opened to let in a nice breeze, or closed and elegant with the metal style ornate insert.

 The enclosed narrow stair was something I saw in a magazine and loved. I do not know why I have never done this before in a house. It is just so charming and inviting when you are sitting in front of it. The door looks good open or shut as well. My Mom told me that an old Aunt in our family actually had one just like it, and it was quite practical in keeping the warm air in the downstairs back in the day.

The cooking area in the kitchen was a custom design . The bricks were all cut and custom painted to compliment the tones in the wallpaper. The paper is a lovely elegant pedestal urns of fruit print.

 The three up stairs rooms are papered in soft cozy inviting papers. Two styles of floral and over the kitchen is a French country toile pattern. The two wood floors are slightly aged looking with the use of streaking the stain some. The doors are also treated this way for a more lived in appearance. The stain is a first coat of a honey color and then highlighted and streaked in chestnut color.

The waterwheel is a super fun addition to this house. It can be seen from the front or the back, and it just gives you that country feeling of fresh cool clean water. The wheel is 8 inches by 2 inches and rotates on a dowel rod. It was stained a nice deep chestnut tone. The man who created the waterwheel for me will be happy to make one for you. If you are interested, his name is Ivan and his email is 

 The fence and gate are delicate rustic wood. On either side are' height of the season' in bloom garden flowers. Combinations of sun flowers, roses, lilies, and a mix of bedding plants.

I have really loved working on this house. It is a very cozy, charming, peaceful house in person. It quiets you and makes you feel comfortable moving your eyes through the rooms. It is elegant yet homey. You can almost smell the country air and fresh water....................

Thursday, May 15, 2014

"The Orchid House" Dollhouse with Shops

Newly finished, The Orchid House Dollhouse with shops is a 19th century Italianate style period design piece. The new "radiant" orchid color was the inspiration for the pallet. Her Lovely tall tiara is the icing on the cake, making her a dramatic beauty.

The Exterior is a crisp clean white, with gray foundation, corners, and window frames. Three tones of orchid were on the outside, and then gloss black railings. The gloss black accents were chosen for balance, extra interest, and pattern.

The shingles were hand cut, and shaded in a soft gray tone. They were individually applied and selected for their unique texture that plays so well with the white "stone".

5 variations of the orchid shade were used in the house and exterior. They were again selected from the Martha Stewart paint line. Radiant orchid, though a strong color is a surprisingly neutral color and plays well with others. It compliments a full range of greens, aqua, and of course gray just warms, blends,and makes a perfect layering color.

 The ornate floating staircase is the showpiece of the interior. It was made from detailed laser cut wood.

The long planter box was added to create a great area for the foot traffic possibly going into the shops. A lovely space for tables and chairs or benches.

The black railing side pieces were used to make a visual separation from what would be considered the residence from the retail more public area.

Special thanks to Itsy bitsy Wallpaper for custom coloring and resizing of wallpapers to the lovely orchid pallet, and Heritage Laser for custom making the special laser for the front entrance.