Sunday, November 4, 2007

The Van Buren

Newly finished wooden one inch to the foot scale Van Buren doll house. The house is not wired. The house is 29 inches high, 30 inches wide, 14 1/2 inches deep and 20 inches deep with the porch. The base of the house was made from the Van Buren, made by Greenleaf, and has been out of production for quite some time The stone finish on the outside of the house was created by a dimensional material that was hand-cut and hand-applied. It is beautiful in person! The front porch was a custom addition, as well as the sandstone finish balcony additions on each side of the house. The roof is done in all wood shingles that were stained in grey tones, and individually applied.All the custom flower beds are included, as well as the window boxes, and landscape pots on the top of the porch.

The inside has very large rooms with plenty of room to decorate.The floors were done in a variety of patterns to give the look of marble or European Tile.The material is a bark cloth that was hand cut, applied and sealed.The ceilings are all finished, and four of the main rooms have a special decorative design that is highlighted with the house's deep accent color pallet.You will see base boards, and crown molding (some done in real gold leaf) and all other finish trims are done. The walls are all papered in coordinating colors, so the colors flow. The first floor left room has a wall treatment that gives a tile look, and was made in Spain. The two fireplaces are not attached, and can be moved about the house. The small room behind the stairs on the first floor, would make a nice powder room. It is finished inside, papered, and has hard wood floors. The house is attached to a wooden base 34 by 25 to keep it secure in shipping. The house can be easily detached by removing a few screws on the bottom if you choose.

~ Robin Carey

Friday, October 26, 2007

English Country Cottage

I saw this beautiful English Country Cottage on eBay last month. The exterior was finished with rustic brick and stonework. I wish I could get a closer look of the front door: there seems to be a very intricate lock or latch on the door! My favorite has got to be the moss-covered chimney and all the colorful blooms that seem to sprout out of every nook and cranny of the foundation. There is such vibrancy in this dollhouse! Don't you agree?

Thursday, September 27, 2007