Thursday, May 15, 2014

"The Orchid House" Dollhouse with Shops

Newly finished, The Orchid House Dollhouse with shops is a 19th century Italianate style period design piece. The new "radiant" orchid color was the inspiration for the pallet. Her Lovely tall tiara is the icing on the cake, making her a dramatic beauty.

The Exterior is a crisp clean white, with gray foundation, corners, and window frames. Three tones of orchid were on the outside, and then gloss black railings. The gloss black accents were chosen for balance, extra interest, and pattern.

The shingles were hand cut, and shaded in a soft gray tone. They were individually applied and selected for their unique texture that plays so well with the white "stone".

5 variations of the orchid shade were used in the house and exterior. They were again selected from the Martha Stewart paint line. Radiant orchid, though a strong color is a surprisingly neutral color and plays well with others. It compliments a full range of greens, aqua, and of course gray just warms, blends,and makes a perfect layering color.

 The ornate floating staircase is the showpiece of the interior. It was made from detailed laser cut wood.

The long planter box was added to create a great area for the foot traffic possibly going into the shops. A lovely space for tables and chairs or benches.

The black railing side pieces were used to make a visual separation from what would be considered the residence from the retail more public area.

Special thanks to Itsy bitsy Wallpaper for custom coloring and resizing of wallpapers to the lovely orchid pallet, and Heritage Laser for custom making the special laser for the front entrance.