Sunday, February 24, 2013

The Clematis Cottage Dollhouse

The Clematis Cottage

This is the Clematis Cottage Dollhouse. It is a delightful house with a charming garden, and of course, beautiful soft pink Clematis vines inspiring the lovely name.
Siding was added to the house, and is painted a soft butter yellow. 5 colors in total are used on the exterior and all were from the Martha Stewart house paint line. I find the Martha Stewart colors are all designed to blend beautifully together.

The Clematis flowers were made from kits purchased from Bonnie Lavish. I used a total of 5 kits for the entrance porch overhang, side window, and right and left fence placements. I did dry brush the petals with two colors, and also added a tiny seed bead to the centers of the basic kit instructions. Bonnie Lavish has many beautiful flower and leaf kits on her web site. The Clematis were absolutely the perfect choice for this house.

The roof is the earthy rustic shingles that were done in a gray wash.
 The lattice gable trim was a custom piece, and I also decided to add lattice panels under the windows.

Let's take a look inside and then we will go back to the garden. 

This is a medium size house but has nice big rooms for decorating. The kitchen is especially roomy for lots of fun country decor pieces.

The inside of the house moves the design into a warmer, homey tone with the English Chestnut stain used on all the woodwork, and stairs.

Upstairs to the second floor

Ok, back outside to take a closer look at details in the garden...

Clematis Cottage is a little breath of sunny air, with a homey, comforting interior. My Grandparents had a wonderful cottage when I was growing up. A cottage is just a special place to go and enjoy simple, comfortable living.