Friday, December 11, 2015

The Glenview Drive Blue Victorian Dollhouse

The Glenview Dr. Victorian Dollhouse

 This is the second custom design dollhouse this year. Taking things I love from houses I have made over the years and adding fun features I enjoy having. I always love lots of extra windows and doors, you all know that. Balconies are my next favorite feature! I think after living in Key West experiencing so many, that the feeling to step out and just pause to look into the distance, or even down to the garden is lovely. So this house has first story porches, second story balconies, and third story walk outs. I also have thought separate Kitchen doors were very fun.
   The color pallet for this house came from a real historic house I saw for sale in Texas. The siding is a mid tone blue, with crisp white trim.  accent colors are a pale blue, and marine blue.

The sun flowers were added after I finished the rest of the florals. sun flowers just look so happy, and that pop of goldish yellow was a nice standout to all the blue.

Let's look inside


This view shows the small foyer space as you open the door. I tried to define it a bit by using a different 
floor pattern. 

Back outside to the florals

Once again making hydrangeas with Bunka fiber was a success. This time using blues.