Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Grande Maison De Poupee

New larger version of mason de poupee, French style dollhouse. The French inspired dollhouses take a slightly higher direction with this newly completed house. More rooms, hallways, and a stunning tall roof line for this custom 3 inch laser cut railing.

                                              Grand entrance way to the lovely house.
The laser railing at the roof line was custom sized and created by Sharon Monroe. She is the magic behind the wonderful selection of awesome  laser dollhouse trims you can find at
 i just recently found Sharon and we have been working together, she has duplicated all the designs that had been made for me previously by sawdust man who is no longer around. so please check out her website, or contact her for anything I have used in the past, as well as all her lovely new things.

                       This 3 inch railing was the icing on the cake addition for this house.

                 A Quick peek inside the front door before we turn the house around.
             let's see things from the back.

          First floor rooms in detail.

Now up to the second floor.

The rooms at the top.

Now, back out front for a closer look at the garden flowers and window boxes.

Nice full and dripping flowers. Also a delicate black enhancement on the corners to move the black placements all over the house.
 Nice ornate black scroll fence.

Winter white rose bushes at the two corners and at the entrance.

The floral color pallet was kept in mostly white, pink and lavender tones.

This larger French house is fresh and crisp from the outside, and rich with color on the inside. It was a fun project. I had a few design challenges working with older wood, but in some ways it has given it a charm not found in brand new kits, or composition board. The next house project is a summer cottage home, with lots of gingerbread.