Sunday, November 25, 2012

French Theme Dollhouse "Maison de Poupee"

This is the second dollhouse with a French theme, to complete my summer obcession with all things French. It seems that the French influence is everywhere right now, especially in the shelter magazines showing all the lovely decorated feminine rooms. I stayed with my white "stone" for the simple reason that it is fresh, clean and crisp, and as a decorative accessory in your home you never tire of it. I had considered the tan tones, but as my first priority is to make dollhouses that are happy, the tan, I feel one would tire of, and for me does not inspire the joy.

I love using the natural peat for the roofs. it just gives the most wonderful earthy textures. The shingles are hand cut, paint washed and then hand applied, but well worth that extra effort.

 With this house having the strong black fence, the flower color choices were more carefully considered. The pinks needed to be stronger pinks, even into the raspberry tones, to stand up to the background of the fence. More white presence was also needed to keep the balance with the house. There are mostly rounded edged flowers in the beds, so the sharp pointed petals of the lilies really are a stand out in the urns as well as nice visual contrast to the beds.

The window boxes were kept mostly with all white flowers . By keeping them white they gave an extra dimension to the white of the house, kind of bringing it forward, and also not taking away from the gardens where we want the focal energy to be. I added just a touch of a trailing pink vine look to give that light blush of pink against the all white house. It just needed a touch of color.

 Now to the inside! I used many of the same papers as the other French house, and I did that because, well, they are just beautiful and I love them. Kind of like the old expression about if it isn't broke, don't fix it.

The first floor rooms.

 The Kitchen

 Second floor

 Third floor

This was a great house to work on. It started out as a Georgie kit, sturdy well made wood parts for the structure.  Working with black inside and out is a challenge, as it can quickly overpower. You want just enough to be an elegant addition. Happy Dollhousing! Robin

Sunday, August 26, 2012

La Maisonnette French Dollhouse

La Maisonnette French Dollhouse

This darling project was from a vintage kit that I found last year on Ebay. It is dated 1986 and was manufactured in France. How fun is that! It actually was the most beautiful wood I have ever worked with in a kit. It assembled differently than another kits, which seems hard to believe that anything so simple at this point could actually stump me construction wise, but I took pause more than once.
   You will notice this house having many different textures used on the outside. Each unique texture adds another layer of interest. From smooth to chunky, and gray to pink, all coming together to give it a great visual experience.

The textures on the outside of the house give it a bit of an earthy, country feeling. The inside is done in very clean, fresh, feminine colors and prints. Here is an overview of the inside design.   

The first floor rooms in detail.

Second floor detail views.
 Decoupage paper cutouts on the doors.

Up to the attic.
 Fun French newsprint wallpaper.

The color selections for the gardens, were chosen in only a close feminine pallet of pinks and crisp white. With so much color going on in the inside of the house, the garden flowers needed to not compete with them. A round flower bed seemed a good style, and the sun dial could be replaced with an elegant tall statue, or bird bath for a different venue.

 Detail garden pictures.

Each house always develops a little personality. Sometimes not the one I had planned for it. When that happens I always let the house decide. Some houses are elegant, others homey and cozy, but this house is happy. My Key West house that I have in my dinning room has a nice rocking chair beside it, and I can sit there with a cup of tea, and in 10 minutes, it is like I took a mini vacation. This house has that same feeling, it takes you away into it, and it makes you feel.....Happy. I loved every moment i worked on it.