Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Key West Island Manor Dollhouse

This is the Key West Island Manor dollhouse. Another theme house project capturing the allure of the island of Key West. The house began as a "Newport" kit made by RGT. The windows were all replaced with a more fun and theme appropriate style.

Cuban design style influences are seen all over the island. A very Cuban addition to the house are the ornate grill work pieces installed on the two dormer windows.

An additional side window and French door side entrance were also changes to the original profile of the Newport kit. Custom laser porch and roof trim, and two additional balconies completely changed the original house shell into a true Victorian island beauty!

These beautiful Victorian homes in the "old Town" area of the island are on small close lots with intense lush tropical gardens. This landscape captures this look with a mix of many tropical plants and trees that all thrive in a zone 11 climate.

Many homes have brick walkways and bricked areas for enjoying the the beautiful surroundings. The two brick platform areas created have many display possibilities, for seating, bird baths, fountains, etc. and can be changed out to give a totally different look to the front of the house.

The interior color pallet runs through the many colors of the ocean, from cobalt blue, to light aqua green. The companion colors are the sand and coral tones, a mix of tropical earth and sunset.

The floors are a mix of cool tiles ( important in a tropical climate) in solids and patterns. The front room flooring is representative of a freshly cracked coconut,with the deep rich brown tones against the pale white of the insides.

The peacock theme is the secondary subtle theme that runs through the house. There is a full length peacock stained glass window in the new front door, and another peacock in a second floor window. A third scenic pattern stained glass window was also installed on the first floor. The full color pallets of these windows are stunning against the white canvas created by the outside color of the house.

The stair railings are laser cut wood and are painted in a clean bright white that really makes all the details of them just "pop". The risers of the stairs have a tile finish that appears to have come straight from Cuba. Cuba, by the way is only 90 miles south of Key West!

A spiral staircase leading up to a tower is always a great fantasy addition for a Key West house. The possibility of a treasure ship crashing on the coral reef was a common occurrence at the turn of the century.
The staircase is wood, and was embellished with wooden laser scroll work and then spray painted in a hammered metal finish. the same metal finish is on the dormer window inserts, and the three placements of the tone make a nice balance from the inside view.

This is a very large house with plenty of decorating space inside.It has a great footprint with a very efficient use of space. it was an awesome, fun project, and now it is time for something on the smaller side, going into the summer months...... Thanks for looking!