Saturday, March 12, 2016

Chateau de Morsan Dollhouse

 This is the Chateau de Morsan Dollhouse. It is a French style country house that was inspired by a pic I received of a real house located in Normandy France.
My inspiration pic of the real house.
Of course the sheep and fountain were part of what made me just fall in love with the origional pic of the real house. so of course I had to find some sheep! The fountain also has lots of cherub detailing to pull the cherub them out into the design. 

The metal balconies and third floor railings came from cut apart vintage metal tissue boxes. The metal is quite soft and easily bends, and cuts nicely with nippers. 

 I had a lot of fun with the cherub theme on the exterior. Using cherubs over the doors and under windows, and of course the large focal top floor facia.

Lets take a look inside At the first floor.

The first floor has a nice open flow pattern, yet defination of seperate room areas for decorating.

Let's look in the upstairs at the second floor.

As you know I'm passonate about balconies and areas to look out, so this door leads out to the lovely fancy metal balcony.

on up to the top floor.

Now let's go back out and look at some floral and garden details.

To help balance the blooming balcony vine, the same vine was added to the wall, wrapping the corner.

 I loved that this house is elegant yet rustic feeling at the same time. I chose darker papers for the inside to have a warm cozy feeling to balance the colder stone exterior.The garden flower choices also reflect the mix of formal garden and meadow.

 Thanks for looking, hope you are inspired for your own mini projects.


Vivian Fox said...

Just exquisite!
All the best

katajamäki lea said...

Oh my lord that is beautiful,i love it!

katajamäki lea said...

Oh my lord that is beautiful, i love it!

Sonhos e mimos de Menina said...

Dear Robin today and my birthday and to visit your blog I came across this wonder ! I love your job! you're my inspiration! congratulations! abraco michelle

The Old Maid said...

Very pretty house! Congrats!

Giac said...

Hello Robin,
It is lovely. You did a fantastic job on the exterior. It is a very welcoming, grand dollhouse.
Big hug

D Baker Photography said...

Your skills are just insane. So glad I own an original.

Ceme says said...

I just love your blog. This is another stunner!

Wee Cute Treasures said...

I have only just seen this post. Magnificent. Whaow. I love it. That wallpaper with the pears is divine! Everything about this dolls house is splendid.

Anonymous said...

I wish I had a dollhouse like is very beautiful.I am always inspired by the detail in everything though I wish I can build something like this.